How to Buy a Ruby Jewelry 13 Useful Tips 2023 Guide

how to buy a ruby

(In October 2016, the US lifted its embargo on Myanmar rubies. Previously, only Myanmar rubies imported prior to 2003 were available for sale in the US). Knowing how to buy ruby jewelry can help you out in the long run. Not only are you going to get the best gemstone for your money, but you can be assured that you won’t be taken advantage of.

Please note that the grading system for gemstones is quite arbitrary and laboratories do not assign a grade to the Ruby color. Because every Ruby is distinct and so different from one another, it is impossible to standardize the grading scale. Use the “stoplight red” as a guide, but do not expect to find a real ruby stone that is that bright. However, an authentic ruby gemstone is more like a bright traffic light than a faux, dull stone.

It is very possible for an untreated Mogok ruby to not have any silk, and a Mozambique ruby to be full of silk. Corundum (ruby and sapphire) is relatively hard and tough; a great choice for daily worn jewelry. Like many fine rubies, this example is fashioned as a mixed cut.

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From necklaces to earrings, and bracelets to ruby rings, there’s plenty of choices. Ruby has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale and is also extremely tough so it’s excellent for rings you wear every day. It’s more durable than its precious metal setting, which can be damaged by chemicals or contact with other metal, like weights or machines at the gym. Avoid wearing any rings at the beach or in the pool where they can slip off and be lost. As we mentioned earlier, Leibish & Co. is also a good option if you specifically want a ruby that hasn’t been heat treated. Their selection of rubies includes lots of outstanding stones, although the pricing is significantly higher than James Allen’s selection of heat treated rubies.

Ruby Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

Additionally, you get one free ring resizing, just in case it doesn’t fit quite right. A custom designed ring locally will cost you a ton, but James Allen won’t. Not only is a loose ruby from James Allen affordable, but they offer complete transparency. Ancient cultures believed that an undying flame burned inside each ruby.

The size of a ruby is the other factor (the first is color) that determines its overall value and price. Anything over 2 carats is extremely rare and will cause prices to skyrocket. The clarity of a gemstone refers to how transparent the stone is when the light is reflected through it.

However, since rubies aren’t prized for their brilliance like diamonds are, the cut quality of a ruby isn’t such a major factor in determining its beauty or value. Color and carat or size have the greatest effect on a ruby’s value. Rubies from Myanmar (formerly Burma) possess the highly coveted “pigeon blood red” color.

Rubies that exhibit asterism have to be carefully cut to maximize the appearance of the star. Created rubies have higher clarity than natural ones and are more affordable. Gemstone cut is an important consideration for several reasons. Click here to browse a selection of loose rubies and check their prices. Opaque rubies are much less valuable, even if they display cat’s eye or asterism. Note that the keyword above is often and not always, as nature is rarely consistent and full of special exceptions.

How Rare are Rubies?

Most rubies on the market today will have had some form of treatment done to them, whether it be to enhance the color or to provide greater clarity in the stone. In general, rubies with high clarity and top-quality color are more expensive if they are natural; treated varieties should be cheaper than them. Rubies are available in all sorts of cuts, but the most sought-after stones are the round ones, which are also more expensive. Round cut rubies should not be too deep or too shallow when looked at from the side. There is a ruby variety called “star ruby” that gets its beauty from its inclusions. It is worth noting that a secondary hue of purple can underscore the red color of ruby, but what hue you would prefer comes down to personal taste.

Trace elements of Chromium are the cause of the red color within corundum. To be called Ruby, Corundum must exhibit a certain saturation of red otherwise it becomes Pink Sapphire. Ruby is one of the hardest gemstones with a rating of 9 on The Mohs Scale .

I’m interested in a gemstone ring, but where do I start?

It is the cheapest variety of ruby used in jewelry and is often used in costume pieces. If you are in search of a large ruby, you may consider looking at synthetic rubies. These can often be larger in size than naturally occurring rubies and more cost effective. Rubies are made of the same material as sapphire – corundum.

Rubies can be transparent and clean looking (with inclusions difficult to find even with magnification), but these are few and far between. Clarity affects the price of rubies based on the type, location, number, and size of the many possible inclusions. Ruby is a July birthstone along with sapphire, onyx, and sardonyx. Ruby has long been a symbol of power and youthful energy. It is said that the gem was used by ancient Chinese and Burmese warriors on their armor to provide protection during combat.

For example, Burmese rubies are rare and more expensive and found in Myanmar, while rubies mined in India are cheaper in quality. Natural rubies are among the highest priced and most sought-after of all colored gemstones. No two gems will be exactly the same unless cut exclusively for that purpose, especially in larger carat sizes. When cut in a smooth domed cabochon shape, some rubies show a shimmering white six-rayed star that moves over their surface.

However, Asia is still the continent that produces the majority of the world’s rubies with India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia all being producers. In fact, the formation of the Himalayan Mountain range was responsible for most of these deposits. best vpn protocols Bear in mind that these are not fake rubies but are almost exactly the same as naturally occurring rubies. While most retailers offer pre-set ruby rings, some like James Allen, allow you to choose your ruby and then pick a compatible ring setting to go with it.

Things to Know Before You Wear Ruby Stone

Now that you know what to look for (and what to avoid) when it comes to shopping for your next piece of ruby jewelry, it’s time to find the right one for your needs. While your credit card info is generally safe through places like Paypal, CashApp, and Apple/Google Pay, we don’t have to worry too much about it. Rubies are most valued by their color and their color tone, hue, and saturation. Leibish and Co. also carries treated and untreated rubies.

Rubies are best set in white and yellow gold because their color is brightened and accentuated. There are a variety of popular Ruby shapes, most notably round cut and oval cut. Rubies are unlike diamonds in that there is no grading standardization.

how to buy a ruby

That famous “ruby red” is the entire factor that separates rubies from pink sapphires, followed closely by carat weight and clarity. Given the fact these stones are priced per-carat, the cut is very often adjusted to maximize the weight. Few colored stones in general are perfectly cut aside from lower-quality, commercially sized ones. Rubies are available in almost all shapes, however some shapes are most popular because they bring out the red color more vibrantly.

They have hundreds of loose rubies of varying color hues, tones, and saturations. After you’ve picked out your center stone, you can pick any one of their settings. You’d be surprised how far your money can go shopping for a ruby engagement ring. Here are our picks for gorgeous ruby rings in popular carat weights to fit some common engagement ring budgets. You’re more likely to see rubies cut in oval shapes and cushion cuts. These two shapes are the most suited to the shape of the rough.

Like other gemstones, rubies are becoming an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings and other jewelry. With its bold color and striking looks, a ruby can be an eye-catching alternative to a more conventional diamond as a ring’s center stone. While the exact percentage will fluctuate, over 95% or even 97% of all mined material gets treated (most common one being heat-treatment). Pigeon Blood, which really refers to a pigeon’s eye, is the most sought-after hue in rubies.

Another tip would be to purchase your stone from a registered jeweler rather than an unknown online source and to obtain a certificate of appraisal. It is important to be aware of imitation rubies when shopping for your ideal piece. If you’re thinking of buying a ruby engagement ring, check out our infographic below which outlines 5 reasons to choose one. This treatment, which has become more popular in recent times, is conducted by taking low grade rubies and making them appear as a higher-grade ruby.

The status of inclusions can reveal whether or not a stone has been heat-treated. Most rubies (and sapphires) have been heat-treated to improve clarity and color of the stone, and their price reflects this as demonstrated below. These effects are stable and widely accepted in the gemstone trade with disclosure. The finest ruby has a pure, vibrant red to slightly purplish red color.

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