Cash Flow Statement Classification, Objectives, Advantages and Preparation


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Once the cash book has been balanced, it is usual to check its details with the records of the firm’s bank transactions as recorded by the bank. Cash outflow to the government for taxes is an operating activity. A plot of Land had been purchased for investment purposes and let out for commercial use and rent received Rs. 30,000.

After classifying the cash flows, you will need to calculate the net cash flow for each category by subtracting the cash outflows from the cash inflows. In Cash flow statement, cash flows are classified on the basis of operating activities, financial activities, and investing activities. The primary objective of cash flow statement is to supply the necessary information relating to generation of cash to the users of financial statement. It also highlights the future or prospective cash positions i.e. cash or cash equivalent.

In short, a cash flow statement records the cash flow in a business. Of Rs. 5,000 is a cash outflow on account of financing activity. Therefore, this amount must also be added back to net profit while calculating cash flows from operating activities. This amount of finance cost will be shown as an outflow under the head of financing activities. The economic decisions that are taken by users require an evaluation of the ability of an enterprise to generate cash and cash equivalents and the timing and certainty of their generation. The cash flow statement is an important financial statement that helps companies understand their cash position and how they are generating and using cash.

Operating activities

A cash flow statement is a financial report that shows the flow of cash in and out of a company. It’s like a map that helps you understand where the money is coming from and going. In accordance with AS-3 , the cash flow statement should present operational, investing, and financing cash flows for the period.

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This amount is presented separately from Statement of cash flows and includes the differences, if any, had those cash flows been reported at end of period exchange rates. Income tax payment shall be classified under operating activities unless they can be specifically identified with financing and investing activities. It is often impracticable to separate tax payments between operating and other than operating activities. The primary objective of cash flow statement is to provide useful information about cash flows (i.e., inflow and outflow). Cash flow statement is prepared to analyse the movement of purely cash and cash equivalents of the organization while fund flow statement is used to prepare the overall movement of all the funds of the entity.

For calculating cash flow from operating activities, provision for doubtful debts is ________________ the profit made during the year (added to/ deducted from). Goodwill amortised is ________________ the profit made during the year for calculating the cash flow from operating activities (added to/ deducted from). I.e., operating activities, investing activities and financing activities. Accordingly, the resulting cash flows are classified as cash flows from financing activities.

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The of cash flow statement calculation is based on the amount of net profit and loss. This includes the statements of various operational activities of a firm. It is also calculated on an accrual basis, thus, taking non-operating items into account such as interest paid, the goodwill that is written off, depreciation, etc.

It is simple to apply, easy to understand, and of particular importance to business which lacks the appropriate skills necessary for more sophisticated techniques. These are the daily activities of a company involved in producing and selling its product, generating revenues, as well as general administrative and maintenance activities. Extraordinary items are defined as transactions or events that are both unusual in nature and infrequent in occurrence.

Companies Act, 2013 also specifies that if the accounting standards are not followed, financial statements will not be true and fair, which is a quality of financial statement. Financial Statements are defined in Companies Act, 2013 (Section 2 ] and includes Cash Flow Statement prepared in accordance with Accounting Standard- 3 (AS-3)- Cash Flow Statement. A negative cash flow doesn’t always imply that the company’s financial performance was bad. Sometimes the company’s incoming profit might be good, yet there is little money in the bank to pay off debts. Negative cash flow is common for small businesses, but it is unhealthy if it goes on for a long period.

Outstanding expenses payable increased by Rs. 3,000 during the year. Trade Receivables and Trade Payables include amounts relating to credit sales and credit purchases only. Interest expense was Rs. 400 of which Rs. 170 was paid during the period. Rs. 100 relating to interest expense of the prior period was also paid during the period. During the year, the company repaid a loan of Rs. 1,00,000. Expenses paid in advance at the end of the year are ________________ the profit made during the year (added to/deducted from).

The cash flow between the business and its owners, creditors, and other parties is tracked in the third section of the cash flow statement known as Financing Activities. The cash flow activities known as “operating activities” are those that either produce income or keep track of the money spent on creating a good or service. The FASB develops and issues financial accounting standards through a transparent and inclusive process intended to promote financial reporting that provides useful information to investors and others. It refers to the purchase and sale of long-term assets and other business investments, within a specific reporting period. This statement is one of the three crucial ones that determine a company’s performance, together with the income statement and the balance sheet. Here you can see that the business paid more in expenses than the amount of income it brought in.

It helps businesses understand their liquidity and cash position, and provides insight into future cash flows. Finally, you may need to make adjustments for any non-cash items that could affect the statement. For example, if you sold a long-term asset during the reporting period, you would need to adjust for the gain or loss on the sale, since this would not be included in the cash inflows or outflows. These statements explain the causes of changes in the operating, investing, and financing activities of the organization along with the changes in the assets and liabilities between two different points of time.

Some of its examples objectives of cash flow cash proceeds from the sale of shares or other comparable securities, cash proceeds from the sale of debentures, loans, notes, bonds, and other short- or long-term borrowings. Examples of extraordinary items include gains or losses from the sale or disposal of a major business unit, restructuring charges, and write-offs of assets due to natural disasters. Cash Flow from Operating Activities Operating activities are the principal revenue producing activities of the enterprise and other activities that are not investing or financing activities.

Out of fixed assets, land worth Rs. 1,000 Lakhs was sold at this amount. A plot of land had been purchased for investment purposes and was let out for commercial use and rent received Rs. 30,000. Calculate cash flow from Investing Activities on the basis of the above information. An increase in accrued income during the particular year is ________________ the net profit (added to/deducted from). Cash payments to an insurance enterprise for premiums and claims, annuities, and other policy benefits. From the above example, we can see that the computed cash flow for FY 2018 was $ 2,528,000.

Usually, growing organizations display higher capital expenditure. Although positive cash flows in investing activities may seem good, investors usually prefer organizations that invest for improvement and innovation while aiming to generate cash from operations. However, in times of crisis, businesses generate cash in this section by selling property or equipment.

Cash from Operating Activities:

The changes in the working capital also indicate an allocation of the funds available and therefore, a typical Funds-Flow Statement also includes a Statement Showing Change in Working Capital. Fund flow statement helps in providing information regarding the allocating of the resources more efficiently and effectively. It also gives information regarding external and internal sources of financing.

Dividend declared is a financial activity and is therefore added back to net profit and shown as out flow under financial activity. It is important to mention here that a transaction may include cash flows that are classified differently. Moreover, same activity may be classified differently for different enterprises.

The information on this website is collected from various sources and we cannot be held responsible for its accuracy. Please verify the information yourself before relying on it. Cash Cash comprises of cash in hand and demand deposits with the bank. It is not totally useful in gauging the profitability of a business. It helps in evaluating the cash-generating capability of a firm.

You cannot interpret a company’s performance just by looking at the cash flow statement. You may need to analyse long term trends after referring to balance sheet and income statement in order to get a somewhat clear picture of how the company is faring. This information is very useful to the users to evaluate the ability of an entity to generate cash and cash equivalents and the timing and certainty of their generation.

It focuses on the actual inflow and outflow of cash from the organisation. It is mainly used to determine the liquidity position of the organisation and thus identify any liquidity problems, if any. The external and internal users of the financial statement require fund flow statements to assess the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Financial statements offer analysts and investors a clear picture of all transactions of a business and which transactions contribute to its success. Describe “Indirect” method of ascertaining Cash Flow from operating activities. Is a non-cash item and hence, Rs. 5,000 charged as depreciation does not result in any cash flow.

Similarly, using profits to invest in other departments shouldn’t be seen as a loss. Smart investments can ensure increased profits but without cash, even a profitable business can perish. The Cash Flow statement is one of the most important statements in Finance. The Cash Flow statement is used by companies, investors, and creditors to get an estimate of the financial status of the company. The cash flow statement also helps in determining other decisions to be made by the management or investors.

It means cash inflows from disposal should NOT be deducted outflows of acquisitions. The indirect method is a more common way of preparing the statement, as it is less time-consuming and easier to prepare. It starts with the net income for the period and adjusts for non-cash items and changes in working capital. For example, if a company had depreciation expenses during the year, which is a non-cash item, it would be added back to the net income. Similarly, if a company had an increase in accounts receivable during the year, that would be subtracted from the net income. Charles Ltd.,made a profit of Rs. 1,00,000 after charging depreciation of Rs. 20,000 on assets and a transfer to general reserve of Rs. 30,000.

Stable cash flow is a key aspect of maintaining a healthy business. Managers must be aware of its importance and be effective in analyzing it for both short- and long-term benefits. A cash flow statement is the most important part of analyzing cash flows related to financing, operations, investments and profits. This helps in critical periods, so they’re prepared when making investments, taking loans, repaying debts and even reducing the workforce if it’s affecting the business. We have to understand that profits strengthen our ability to pay bills, suppliers and employees, but it’s no good if there’s zero cash on hand.

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Cash flow statement is prepared from statement of profit and loss. Hence, dividend paid will be adjusted in financing activity only. As stated earlier, while working out the cash flow from operating activities, the starting point is the ‘Net profit before tax and extraordinary items’ and not the ‘Net profit as per Statement of Profit and Loss’. Income tax paid is deducted as the last item to arrive at the net cash flow from operating activities. Classify the following activities into operating activities, investing activities, financing activities, cash equivalents. In case of a financial enterprise , interest paid, interest received and dividend received are classified as operating activities while dividend paid is a financing activity.

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As stated earlier cash flow statement provides information about change in the position of Cash and Cash Equivalents of an enterprise, over an accounting period. The activities contributing to this change are classified into operating, investing and financing. The methology of working out the net cash flow from all the three activities for an accounting period has been explained in details and a brief format of Cash Flow Statement has also been given in Exhibit 6.2. However, while preparing a cash flow statement, full details of inflows and outflows are given under these heads including the net cash flow . This figure will be the same as the total amount of cash in hand, cash at bank and cash equivalants given in the balance sheet . Thus, the Cash flow statements prepared in Illustrations 7, 8 and 9 fall under this category as the cash flows from operating activities have been worked out by indirect method.

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